How to wear Cardy Ugg boots

Published: 18th November 2008
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Everyone's Uggs gives them the winter blues from time to time but what do you do when you are stuck with an uninspiring pair of Uggs that you cant think what to wear with?? Well first you must be completely nuts because Uggs are so versatile there are millions of ways o wear them! But if you really are one of those tiny proportion of girls who cant figure out how to wear Cardy Ugg boots the read on because help is at hand.

Fresh from the boutique lined streets of LA the ideas at Boredofthehighstreet provides you with outfits to wear your uggs with from classic celeb inspired looks to one off outfitswe have it all. Be an unstoppable success on the high street in your limited edition Ugg outfit and wear your cardy uggs with a best selling Nadine dress, puff ball skirt and elegant va va voom cardigan!

Uggs can be worn rolled up or down depending on your mood, worn up as in the style of Lilly and Posh they look gorgeous with the funky three wooden toggle buttons securing the rolled up top. If you favour the classic rolled down style then why not follow Posh's style and team your rolled up Uggs with Topshop have recently voted the Chocoalte Ugg as the perfect boot to compliment their winter 2008 range of jeans and House of Fraser have just announced results of their young fashion survey which found the chocolate Ugg being voted the most popular colour of an Ugg boot ever. So if you want to be noticed this winter on the high streets buy cardy ugg boots now! There is only one fashion website still stocking Chocalate Uggs and its Ugg boots were born in Australia and have been a hit with millions of fashion conscious chics since. the Ugg chocolate colour is perfect with hudson jeans, wet look leggings and a playboy hoody. If you want to look cool this winter then buying a pair of chocolate Uggs is a definite place to start! The inner lining of the Ugg is made from pure sheepskin and combine this with cardy ugg boots styling and branding and you will certainly have the WOW factor wherever you go this season. A hot new pair of Uggs is so versatile they can transform your wardrobe instantly and in so many ways.

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